as seen on MTV in 1981

This self-produced, self-directed and self-edited (and self-financed) video was done a year before MTV existed in order to expose ourselves to Los Angeles record lables without having to lift Anvil cases. Recorded by the good graces of Pasadena's Digital Sound Recording; track produced by Metavision's Theo Mayer; shot on 16mm by a rag-tag crew of old friends from film school; edited in my back yard on a rented Steenbeck and post produced to video at Pacific Video in Los Angeles; "Dangerous Man" appeared for two weeks on MTV in normal rotation in late 1981. After spending nearly eight thousand dollars on two songs, ASCAP paid me two hundred dollars in performance royalties for reaching an audience of nearly twelve million people. Hey, that's show biz.

Don Wrege on MTV with Elvira Casandra Peterson 1981

"Disco Volante - our 'b' side

"Disco Volante" was rejected by MTV due to the word "disco" in the title. (MTV wasn't playing any disco at the time. . .come to think of it, they weren't playing any black artists at the time either, Michael Jackson not counting as black in anyone's book then or now.) There are really only two words in the lyric: "Flying Saucer" which is sung in three different languages, English excluded. It's not about disco. . .it's about UFO's.


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