XOR Network and Internet Solutions
XOR Network and Internet Solutions

XOR Network and Internet solutions
Forgive me for defacing your code . . .

Hans asked why I seemed to move around a lot, which is a legitimate concern. I have a good answer: blame the Bleeding Edge.

Around four years ago I was brought to Boulder by U S West to be a multimedia producer for Interactive Video Enterprises. About nine months after we started, U S West pulled the plug and severed us all out because they couldn't get the video servers to perform . . .

. . .then I was asked to join an elite group of engineers (I was the art/GUI guy) who were to become the Boulder division of a California-based company whose principle product at the time was CD-ROMs. Within the year the California company got out of the CD-ROM business and spun off the Boulder group which decided to focus on tools instead of content.

The BroadVision writing gig I knew was too good to last . . .

. . . then I was offered a 12-month contract with U S West's DiveIn cityguide web project. I went to work for a phone company and during the year it became a cable television company (MediaOne). I see their focus shifting from the web to the 40,000+ homes that have the MediaOne broadband service. (They might be in Denver in about five years I was told.)

So you might be asking yourself: XOR Network and Internet Solutions

Move around alot? The Bleeding Edge moves around a lot. It's been like dancing on an ice pack. The best part about it is that I've been exposed to some incredible people and some very cool technology. Each situation brought new problems and demanded different solutions, so it was extremely valuable experience. By not seeking a contract extension with DiveIn I've taken the first step toward finding a long-term relationship in my own town.




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